The main purpose of this meeting is to provide the Church and its members, with a current financial report (attached to the minute), and look for the members approval on three new board members. FC GTA sent a previous invitation on September 17, announcing the meeting and the possibility for
members who might not attend to send their proxy vote.

Members attending:
Jamey Baird
Sonja Baird
Tom Abbott
Sean Xiao Zhao
David Trenado
Denise Tull
Andrea Chaves

Members who sent proxy vote:
Miriam Zimmermann
Paula Small
Balfour Batchelor
Sharon Batchelor
Nicole Carvalho
Joseph Binford
Susan Binford
Miriam Del Arbol

We need a quorum of twelve plus one. We have 16 voters present/proxy.
Andrea reads the previous AGM minute. No questions. A motion is presented by to approve it.

Pastor David is presiding, and presents the financial report as Treasurer is absent. It is explained, Sharon feels a little bit overwhelmed with the responsibility. David goes through the report and explain the main expenses. Also, that the church is pending to receive the payment from the Government on the Canada Summer Jobs program, around $7.000. time for questions is given before voting for the approval.

David explains the Church the need to vote for three Directors as the previous elected ones resigned.
Stephen Dekuyper and Esther Song.
The candidates are:
Jamey Baird
Sean Xiao Zhao
Tom Abbott.

As their names were proposed since the announcement for the AGM was sent, all proxy voters voted in
favor (emails/text messages with their vote are attached to this minute). Attending members today are
invited to vote. Members of the church have voted on favor to the three candidates and they are now
Members of the Board.
Pastor Jamey announces this is time for new businesses, in case members of the church would like to
make a remark on some situation or have a proposal, feedback / idea they would like to share, that this is the time to do it.
Also, Pastor Jamey addresses that we should apply the rules for this type of meetings.
No new businesses.

Meeting finishes at 1:10 pm

Andrea Chaves
FC GTA – Secretary