Starting time 11:55 am
1. Call the meeting to order
2. Welcome and address – Pastor David
3. Reading and receipt of the minute of the previous AGM
4. Financial Report
5. Other businesses
6. Next Meeting
7. Adjournment

This year our AGM was held at Frank McKechnie Community Center as River Grove Community Center is
under renovations. The main purpose of this meeting is to provide the Church and its members, with a
current financial report (attached to the minute). FC GTA sent a previous invitation on September 20th,
announcing and inviting to the meeting. The agenda was sent as well.

We receive 4 proxy votes from members who cannot attend.
11 members attending members. We need 12+1 members to guarantee quorum and proceed. There is
quorum to continue with the meeting.

Members attending:
Jamey Baird
Sonja Baird
Tom Abbott
Sean Zhao
David Trenado
Michael Ramsey
Liam Ramsey
Nicole Carvalho
Balfour Batchelor
Andrea Chaves

Members who sent proxy vote:
Joseph Binford
Susan Binford
Tess Prado
Jun Prado
Andrea reads the previous AGM minute. No questions. A motion is presented by to approve it.
Pastor David is presiding and presents the financial report. The Accounting is being managed by a
company called UNPAPER and Joby Belen handle all our affairs. We are paying a monthly fee for their
services, as we do not have a member of the church to take care of the Accounting. Pastor David
explains is the best option for now. Balfour asks about a payment made to Joby for the services charged
on filling out and process before CRA the HST reports from 2016 to 2018. In an email sent by him, he
stated he will charge Fc GTA 50%. Unfortunately, the Board was not consulted on this matter and it was
given to him the go ahead. Pastor David apologizes for the mistake in approving this high expense
without consulting the Board of Directors first. The income and expenses have been presented as well as
a motion to accept the financial report. Accepted. Reports attached to this minute.
As a summary, Balfour asks pastor Davis to explain in detail the context in which the 50% Fee for the
HST rebate was discussed with Joby. Pastor David explains in detail and apologizes again for the error.

A motion to schedule our next meeting is presented by Andrea Chaves, suggesting Jan 19 th , 2020.
Seconded and approved.
No new businesses.

Meeting finishes at 12:55 pm

Andrea Chaves
FC GTA – Secretary