This year our AGM is held online via Zoom. Time 12:25pm.


  • Call to the Meeting
  • Prayer
  • Quorum verification 
  • Previous AGM Minute reading and approval
  • BOD Election
  • Acceptance of new members
  • Financial Statements
  • New business
  • Adjournment


  1. Pastor James will preside the Meeting as Chair of the Board and call the meeting to order.
  2. Vice President Balfour Batchelor will open in Prayer.
  3. Quorum verification. 9 Proxy votes 9 attendees. Quorum needed is 13+1.  Quorum met. Attendance:
    1. PROXY VOTES: Miriam del Arbol, Sharon Batchelor, Miriam Zimmermann, Nicole Carvalho, Denise Tull, Ivan Amaranto, Paula Small, Susan and Joe Binford.
    2. REGULAR ATTENDANCE: David Trenado, James and Sonja Baird, Michael Ramsey, Balfour Batchelor, Sean Xiao, Ruth Ann Ursino, Tom Abbott, Giovanna Andrea Chaves
  4. Reading of the minutes on the last AGM by Giovanna Andrea Chaves. No questions, A motion is presented to approve it. Approved.
  5. Acceptance of new members: Karen Bijai and Asif Sajid. James explains to Karen and Asif that it is good to become a member of the church, as well as it is good for us as well. A motion is presented to accept them as members. Seconded. Approved.
  6. Board of Directors elections. This year three positions are to be filled out or going to a second term: Tom, Sean, James. Davis is taking over while the voting takes place. There are no new candidates to fill out the position. A motion is presented to give Tom, Sean, and James continuity for another two years. Seconded. Approved. Pastor James indicate to everyone that all Board meetings are open to the members and always they are welcome to participate or be part of it.
  7. Financial Statements: Pastor David presents the Financial Statements to September 2020 and are attached to this minute. As an overall, our income has dropped 25%, but at the same time, costs related to rental of the Community Center, does not reflect that drop down as a loss. Balfour proposes that the surplus of cash in the bank accounts can be located in an investment fund. Giovanna Andrea explains we have tried to do that last year with GIC’s but the interest rates were very low. Balfour suggests to contact the bank and find information on other type of funds with a good portfolio investment to invest 10.000 in it. Giovanna Andrea commits to present to the Board the results of the investment options on the future BOD Meeting.
  8. New business: Next meetings: BOD week of December 14th, 2020. Next Members meeting to present and approve budget: January 24th, 2020 after the Worship Service.
  9. Closing prayer by Sean.
  10. Meeting ends at 1:07 pm

Andrea Chaves
FC GTA – Secretary