This year our AGM is held online via Zoom and at River Grove community Center. Time 12:23PM.


  • Prayer
  • Call to the Meeting
  • Quorum verification 
  • Previous AGM Minute reading and approval
  • BOD Election
  • Financial Statements
  • New business
  • Adjournment


  1. Pastor James will preside the Meeting as Chair of the Board and call the meeting to order.
  2. Pastor David will open in Prayer.
  3. Quorum verification. 6 Proxy votes 10 attendees. Quorum needed is 14+1.  Quorum met. Attendance: 
    • PROXY VOTES: Miriam del Arbol, Sharon Batchelor, Michael Ramsey, Joe Binford, Susan Binford, Nicole Carvalho.
    • REGULAR ATTENDANCE: David Trenado, James and Sonja Baird, Balfour Batchelor, Sean Xiao, Ruth Ann Ursino, Karen Bijai, Tom Abbott, Yvonne Hodge, Giovanna Andrea Chaves.
  1. Reading of the minutes on the last AGM by Giovanna Andrea Chaves. No questions, A motion is presented to approve it by Sean, seconded by Tom and Yvonne. Approved.
  1. Board of Directors Elections. This year the position of Secretary of the Board of Directors is to be filled out or going to an additional term. Pastor Jamey explains that there are two ways to consider fulfilling the position: 1. Elect a new member or that the current member be ratified. There were no new nominees. A motion is presented to re-elect the current Secretary, seconded by Sean and Tom. Approved. 
  2. Financial Statements: Pastor David presents the Financial Statements to October 2021, attached to this minute. As an overall, our expenses are still the same: Salary, Accounting Services, Online subscriptions. Our income is stable, compared to the previous two years. Balfour asks if we are filing the HST form to CRA, David confirms this is done every year. A motion is presented to approve the report, Seconded by Yvonne and Tom. Approved.
  3. New business: No new business.
  4. Closing prayer by Pastor James.

Meeting ends at 12:57 pm