• Prayer
  • Call to the Meeting
  • Quorum verification
  • Previous AGM Minute reading and approval
  • Pastoral Team Organization
  • Financial Statements
  • New business
  • Adjournment


  1. Pastor James will preside the Meeting as Chair of the Board and call the meeting to order.
  2. Pastor David will open in Prayer.
  3. Quorum verification. 6 Proxy votes 10 attendees. Quorum needed is 14+1. Quorum met.
    • Attendance:
      PROXY VOTES: Nicole Carvalho, Sarah Khan, Sharon Batchelor, Joe Binford, Susan Binford, Ruth
    • REGULAR ATTENDANCE: David Trenado, James and Sonja Baird, Balfour Batchelor, Sean
      Xiao, Karen Bijai, Tom Abbott, David Gilpin, Michael Ramsey, Giovanna Andrea Chaves.
  4. Reading of the minutes on the last AGM by Giovanna Andrea Chaves. No questions, A motion is presented to approve it by David G. Approved.
  5. Pastoral Team Re-organization.
    • Pastor James informs the membership that Pastor David has resigned his title of Senior Pastor to be an Associated Pastor. This is just a nominal change as the Pastoral Team continues to work essentially the same.
  6. Financial Statements: Giovanna Andrea Chaves explains the members an overall explanation of the Financial Statements until September 30th , 2022, thanking the church first for the support during the first half of the year where extra contributions were needed to cover regular expenses.
    • It was emphasized that starting May there is no more responsibility for Salary payments, which have led us to be able to cover operational expenses like rent, insurance and would be room for other activities. We look forward to closing the year with no deficit. Pastor James explains that the new situation, will allows us to think and promote more programs leading to the church growth.
    • There was a question from David G, referring to the scope for outreach of the local church in the area where we located. Pastor James answers that the outreach goes beyond the area the local church is located as many current members are in Georgetown, Milton, Oakville, etc. Pastor David presents a motion to approve the financial statements, seconded by Balfour. Approved.
  7. New business:
    • Thinking about the need of Outreach we take this time to think in ideas of activities to structure our outreach program. As follows:
      • Sports Camps
      • Christmas Service on December 18th, 2022
      • Christmas Eve Service at the Baird’s House 6 pm
      • Easter Egg Hunt in 2023
      • Summer Camps 2023
      • Thanksgiving Service October 8th, 2023.
    • Sean presents a motion to accept these activities as a plan for 2023, seconded by Tom. Approved.
    • Other aspect to consider in 2023 are Baptisms, pastor James suggests this is a topic to be discussed within the Board of Directors meeting, in January 2023.
    • A motion is presented by pastor James to discuss with pastor David a financial arrangement.
    • Seconded by David G. Approved.
  8. Adjournment. A motion is presented by Balfour to end the meeting. Seconded by David G.
    • Approved.
    • Closing prayer by Pastor James.
  9. Meeting ends at 12:48 pm.