Book review: Decision making and the will of God by Garry Friesen


Book review: Decision making and the will of God by Garry Friesen

This book is very interesting that the will of God is not too hard to find, but not necessarily findable when you want to. It is not mysterious and reserved for the chosen, but is understandable for everyone. This book shows some ways to do this.

It deals with how to make decisions, and whether we should do something without God’s direct word. Are we sure what we do is exactly what God wants? Are we sure this is not something God doesn’t want?

A traditional view of God’s will is like a dot in a circle. If you hit the circle with your dart, the bull’s eye, you get it. Anywhere else is a miss, and what happens then? There is a fear that we will miss out on God if we miss the mark. The book shows that this is not the case.

Does the scripture show the traditional view? It does not.
Does the Bible say we need to find that dot? It does not.
Does the Lord say we need to wait until we perfect our aim? He does not.

What is then wisdom? If not purely God’s spoken word to us personally. It is then God’s willingly given wisdom for us, when He wants to.
If He doesn’t want to reveal to us, we don’t know. If He does, we will know for sure.
Why do we worry about whether we are missing the mark? God will take care of us regardless.

We can, however, utilize wisdom in our brain. We collect knowledge into our brain by the Bible and other means. We should use this wisdom to make good decisions. The Bible we read reveals God’s will. We need to follow what it says.
When facing a difficult decision, judge for yourself what is the best choice. God has equipped us with wisdom from the Bible and our lives, so we are ready to decide without God’s direct word.

God’s freedom for us is great! Sometimes not only one choice is good. Does the Bible support our choice? Did God reveal something to use personally before about this choice? If not, go with the Bible and what you think is correct. God has raised you well within His church and taught you well with His family. Use this to your advantage, and know that God will take care of your choice whatever it is. Nothing is outside of His realm.