Finding the Will of God by Dr. Bruce Walthe – Quick Book Review

A really great book on how to find God’s will. It is a good question to ask what is God’s will. We think finding God’s will is the best thing. As Christians, being in God’s will is the most important thing. How can we call ourselves Christians without knowing, or living God’s will for us? Is God’s will that mysterious? Why is something so important so difficult on a daily basis?

This book explains why it is not very difficult to know what God’s wants us to do, even if actually doing it is not simple. When we believe God’s will is a mysterious entity that can be found in some worldly way, that is difficult. And if we think God’s will is revealed by nature, stars or some human ceremony, we are in the wrong and it is difficult. People look for God’s will many ways throughout history; we think God’s will is revealed like a vision, a dream or some other supernatural phenomenon.

The book is great at showing human tendency of seeking quick solution to satisfy desires. We want a quick, compact and dazzling experience as God’s will for us, but that is just human desire, not God’s. How do we expect to grow in relationship with God, if God’s will only satisfies our desires for a meaningful life? God wants to do more with us than give us what we want.

God does not usually reveal Himself or His will to us through supernatural events, rather, He has given us the Bible and other earthly resources to know Him and His will. He uses the Bible, counselors, circumstances and other physical means to show us what we need to do daily. If we are not reading the Bible, why are we asking for God’s will? If we don’t know the basic and generic commands from the Bible, how does God give us more worthy missions? If we don’t even listen to wise counsels around us, will we listen to God’s?

The book gives many Biblical backups for its claims, which is excellent. The Bible supports that God’s will is not a supernaturally revealed event usually, but is given at various point of our lives for various reasons and growth opportunities in our relationship with God. He loves us, so He does not mystify His will; rather, He makes it easy for us to do. He does not promise that His will is easy or painless, but the rewards in heaven is waiting.